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Google Unveils Allo and Duo Messaging Apps

Google introduced two new messaging apps Allo and Duo at the Google I/O conference where it has also revealed its products and services to be delivered in 2016. Allo and Duo are the two new biggest apps being built for Android and iOS.


Allo is an instant messaging app powered by Google Assistant technologies and has features like “Smart Reply” that gives suggestions while texting which was actually first seen in Inbox by Gmail. The science behind this is the artificial intelligence that reads our text patters and pops related suggestions according to it. The app also reads the images and gives suggestions to the replies.


Another amazing thing is about the Google Assistant integration which brings search into this app so that users will be able to search places all from one app without leaving the conversation at all. It also includes incognito future with end to end encryption just like a private window in the browser.

“Whisper” and “Shout” are two cute features where the user can resize the text to large or small.

Users can also type @Google, and get help from the assistant bot. Its ultimate aim is to bring the power of its search capabilities within its app and transform messaging to the next level!


Here goes the new video calling app that lets you call your contacts in your phone when they have installed the app in their phones too. The biggest highlight is video calls work even on weak internet connectivity. Duo are said to be in HD (upto 720p) however the app adjusts the video quality based on the network strength.

Google Duo

One big feature is the “Knock Knock” that shows you the live video preview of the caller before attending the call and after picking up the phone the audio gets tuned on to make conversation. End-to-end encryption is also available in Duo app that helps you go to incognito mode for user’s privacy.

These two amazing apps seem to go live this summer however no date has been announced yet.

Know more about these apps at Google’s Official Blog

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