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How Startups can Brighten Up their Business With Mobile Apps


Once the mobile application was meant for favorite brands and familiar names of any company, but surprisingly, 30% of all the commerce in the US is happening through mobile app marketing. This proof manifests the need for a mobile app in the digital strategy of all business which looks for online success.
From well before Google’s rolling out its mobile -first index, businesses of all sizes have started to think about a mobile strategy which goes beyond just a ‘mobile friendly website.’ And Google’s free first index has only put great emphasis on this approach. Nowadays even the smallest of the businesses have their exclusive mobile apps. It works for taking their mobile app marketing strategy a few degrees higher than their competition.
According to global statistics, Smartphone market grows 13.0% per year, whereas the smartphone market is controlled over by Android with a share of 84.7% giving stiff competition to other OS based smartphones to survive.

Mobile app development helps startups to get some business advantages which are provided below.

Increased Visibility:



The brands which create their mobile app for business, at once make sure that they are visible to their end users ever, building a reliable brand remember for their business. It allows them exactly ‘be there’ right when their customers require them.


Improved Efficiency:

efficiencyAs the applications for mobile businesses are purpose-built keeping the necessary conditions in mind, it acts like a comprehensive application performing different features and takes back the need for many applications. Besides, as these requests are customized to be suitable for a specific working style, it promotes the worker efficiency and in turn business Return On Investment (ROI).

Great Promotional Tool:

Promotional Tool

A mobile app development works for as an incredible promotional tool as it retains your customers instructed about your new contributions and current contributions in actual time. So, when the mobile application gets well-liked among your customers, promotional activities will nearly lose its effort.


Effective Revenue Channel:

Effective Revenue ChannelBesides, working for as a direct marketing channel, it serves as a progressively essential revenue series for your mobile business. Due to the type of expedience it conveys to the online shopper of your contribution, it assists you with actually cut the sales cycle of your input.

Ample of Opportunities:

opportunitiesFrom the particular play stores, worldwide Smartphone users download numerous apps every day. It specifies that users are expecting more excellent apps which can execute their needs in straightforward and quick ways. Many companies are recruiting mobile app developers to build apps relevant to their business. If Startup companies emphasize android or iOS mobile application development by starting right resources in place and display their ability to create using app platforms, then there are sufficient opportunities in the market to be served.

Feature Rich Applications:

Android app development platform provides simple in-house customization to build your app more modern to succeed in the business needs. The set of development instruments and open source code libraries obtainable, an application can be made feature wealthy and reciprocal. The more functions an app provides along with a user-friendly design, the more customers choose to download the same.

These are the few reasons make your brand regard as a mobile application, without taking into account your business type and size. In these days of the digital world, mobile application development is rather a speculation that swears to receive significant ROI for your startup in medium to long term and is, therefore, worth making.

Feature Rich Applications

If your company designs its mobile strategy and taking into account the best instinctive mobile app platforms to begin development with, get in touch with us, and we are here to offer you a practical solution!

According to Comscore mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating the usage.

If you have a creative idea for your business, work on building a mobile app! We’re ready to build your mobile app success

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