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Google Authorship: Article attributed to wrong authors

You could have definitely heard about the Google Authorship. But, today it has some mis-attribution which means the showcase of some other peoples photo’s instead of original authors. This is getting more importance from the past year and as well Google seems aggressive in allocating the Authorship. In some sorts, the search engine takes to educated guess which is located at the author of the piece. But sometimes, mis-attributions present at the higher rate and come as a result of site’s responsibility. So, let’s discuss about how to Google switch author’s.

The first thing that need to be undergone is a quick on page search to check whether the alternate author’s name present in that page. Sometimes, in majority of the cases the author’s name doesn’t appear in even the first result. Then how the Google latches the duplicate author’s name instead of the name in the author rich snippet. To check over further, check whether the name have Google Authorship over the same through and as well try to validate the Google+ profile. As well take time to verify the Google+ profile, to look after the content which the profile owner claims. Sometimes, two way linkages may also cause this. These may cause a person to be legitimately an author.

Your mystery would have been solved; two contributors to a single site may cause this issue if the website doesn’t have any proper byline on the page. Contributing the article under the name which is used in Google+ profile can help in solving this problem. Doing this clearly most often reduce most of the issues. But in some cases, byline present at the top of the article and Google+ profile match one another.

It may sometime cause as Google allows even default Authorship for the site which will be usually associated with home page of the domain. This insists that Author name had been given in byline of the home page but the picked up has been from other author attribution. Below are some of the preventions for these types of cases,

  • Try to provide unique author page for each author’s who contribute in your website.
  • Check whether each author’s byline name match the Google+ name.
  • Don’t make use of domain authorship attributes.

Be sure, writing article is not simple one, it needs creativity. Every author should get their own rewards, so don’t hesitate to get your own name and as well claim this to the sites to which you contribute. Hope, you would known well about how the articles that have been attributed to wrong author’s.

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