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Google Update: Drop’s "MORE RESULTS NEAR…" Option in Local Search Result

Google has agilely alone yet addition look feature; this one is accompanying to local search results aural a look on Google. Google has removed the “more results near…” articulation on bounded look after-effects for queries with bounded intent. For example, if you look for [pizza] on, Google will appearance you bounded businesses affairs pizza […]

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Forget Typing, Google Says Search Is Going to Be Like ‘Star Trek’

AUSTIN, Texas – In the future, the experience of searching the web is going to be like something out of “Star Trek.” Or at least, that’s what Google’s vision is. “The destiny of search is to become that ‘Star Trek’ computer and that’s what we are building,” Google’s Search Head Amit Singhalsaid at SXSW Interactive this morning. Singhal shared […]

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