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Google Keyword Tools is officially changed to Keyword Planner

If you are a SEO Expert, you have noticed that keyword tool is officially dead. Yeah!! Few weeks before I have noticed, In Google Keyword Tool mentioned “Few weeks after Google Keyword Tool won’t be available”. Yesterday found that, “Keyword Planner” has replaced the Keyword Tool. Unlike Google Keyword Tool, the user should have AdWords account to work in Keyword Planner.
Keyword Planner gives more information than the Keyword Tool. That is, in keyword planner the user can get more search result than in the keyword tool. It’s because, the keyword planner does not target particular device, and it is predefined by all devices.
In Data Columns,
• Instead of “Approx. CPC” column you will find “Avg. CPC”, where you will get accurate data in avg. CPC than approximate CPC.
• Instead of “Ad Share” column you will find “Ad Impressions”, helps you to look for potential impression.
In Keyword Planner, every user can upload their own keyword list to get performance data. The Keyword Planner even shows search volume by landing page, ad group and also in categories if you have mentioned.
What do you think about the replacement of Keyword tool by keyword planner? Share your ideas with us.

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