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Google Plus TimeLine

There is a common thought among people that Google+ is an unstable venture. Not only is the social network subject to constant mocking, the company is forced to fight it’s most fierce competitor – Facebook as well, which is, obviously at its prime


The guys at Google have pulled out a major interface redesign in an attempt to bring life to their less than a year old creation. The focus of the redesign was on the ability to customize the whole social networking experience, as well as improvement of photo and video sharing options. A fresh feature called “hangout” is introduced as well, and it allows users to get an overview of hangouts going on at the moment, giving them the ability to hop in, or simply remain a spectator. The navigation is simplified by introducing a so called “navigation ribbon” which allows users to put apps such as photos, hangouts, circles and other in an order they like.

The point of the whole redesign was to attract people to start using the social network more. Unfortunately, the first impressions are not that good as the guys at Google might have expected. People immediately started comparing it with Facebook Timeline, and calling the service a ripoff. I still have the old Google+, and although I don’t use it at all, I just refused to start judging the redesign after taking only a glimpse into it through some one minute video. The new features are supposed to be rolling out on all accounts any time soon, so when they do, we can all test them out, and then criticize. What do you think? Will this redesign convince you that Google+ is THE social network to be used?

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