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Google Web Designer – First Look and Review

More than the visitor’s expectation, the out coming results would be more than that. These statements perfectly go for the Google search engine and for these decades its achievements were a blast. Now recently it gave an excellent introduction and launched the most awaited web designer. Many users were highly excited and there were no words to say about it. It is really an amusing achievement in the Google results.

Impact on Adobe edge

In this launch, the Google search engine completely defeated the Adobe Edge. For many users they feel that Google tool seems to be reducing the major work of the internet browsers. Comparatively Adobe Edge also does but the beneficial fact here is that Google web designer is absolutely free and it seems to be much faster. Whereas Adobe’s Html 5 tools are very slow in comparing with the Google web designer.

Google Web Designer Tool – Features and Merits

Everybody can see it all of a sudden and the web designer tool has really a great success for the search engine. Now there are variety of chances for the designers and developers to get confused with the designer tool since all the tools gives splendid performance. In fact the web designer tools just gave a modified solution for web development tools and so the designers feel to be clueless and decide which one to go along with. There are various advantages in using the Designer tool that  are Easy ad workflow, excellent illustration tools, perfect design view and code view, multi animation modes, etc.,

The designer tools make it easy to publish the ads through any platform as per the user’ desires. There is no need for coding here. Further excellent style of artwork can be implemented. Further HTML tags can be easily drawn through the tag tool.  It is very easy to give a pause for design view and jump to the code view and changes made in code view are automatically reflected over here. It’s a time saving one.  IT is very easy to create and manipulate 3D content with the use of 3d array tools.

The impressive fact in Google is that the tool is offered for free and as Adobe there are various similar design tools but for cost in Adobe. But still Google tends to be adamant with some robust set of design tools for no charge. Try out with the designer tool and make the best use of it.

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