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Internet Advertiser Kill Text-Based CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It was designed by an owner of a website for human verification. With the help of help of this CAPTCHA system they can identify, whether the form was filled by human or machine and drop the spam users . Actually this CAPTCHA system containing many advantages like online shopping can be safe, identify the difference between human and computer, help to reduce the spam.

Many users feel difficultly to fill any registration form, contact form or any other submission in a website because of this security system. Most commonly used CAPTCHA system was asking users to type the series of letters or numbers which was placed in an image. What is problem means, the text or number was didn’t appear properly, it may be merged printed very light (doesn’t have clear view). People feel hard to identify the letters, and feel irritate when the system shows a CAPTCHA error at the time of their submission. Because some sites will ask to fill out the total data once again, so users think this CAPTCHA system is totally a waste of time. They don’t want to spend more time with the mixed letters. Some other CAPTCHA systems ask to solve a mathematical problem, it may be a simple arithmetic problem or difficult to solve and solving puzzles may also take more time.

In this situation we can follow some other methods for the CAPTCHA system to become easier. The following are the way to solve the difficulties with CAPTCHA error. Match the image, Showing 3 to 4 geometric images and ask which one has 4 sides, show some thing and ask which one was used for cleaning, show one animal image and ask the name of that, show 3 or 4 words and ask type the red color word in a text box, and one more easy method is showing an ads or any famous logo and ask the company. Because people see more ads in their day to day life so they easily identify and answer. It will avoid the number of times with the users submission. With this simple ads CAPTCHA system users can get a result of their submission in their first attempt. It can help to save the user time at the same time web master can also identify the spammer as much faster. It is better verification method for both users and the webmaster.

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