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Html and CSS Testing Add on for Firefox

Html Validator: Validates Html and shows number of errors on an Html page.

IE Tab: Embeds Internet Explorer in tabs of firefox. An excellent tool to see how a web page looks in IE.

OperaView: Opens up a web page in the Opera browser. Good for quick cross-browser testing.

Total Validator: Performs Html validation, accessibility validation, broken link checking, spell checking and takes screenshots using 36 different browsers.

XSS Me: Find Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in a web application.

HackBar: A security audit and penetration test tool.

Access Me: Tells you how vulnerable a website is to attackers and unauthinticated users.

SQL Inject Me: Find SQL injection vulnerabilities in a web application.

Molybdenum: Create, record, edit and run web tests easily.

Regular Expressions Tester: Allows developers to test regular expressions.

Firefox Accessibility Extension: Test your website for functional accessibility for people with disabilities.

CSS Validator: Validates a web page for CSS using the W3C rules.

WAVE Toolbar: Evaluate accessibility and usability of a website for people with disabilities.

TAW3 With A Click: Website accessibility testing based on W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

YSlow: Analyzes web pages to understand why they are slow. Based on Yahoo!’s service.

HTML Regex Data Extractor: Test Regular Expressions on live HTML content.


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