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Top 12 Useful Shortcut Keys for Mozilla Firefox

Hi Friends,

Imagine you are surfing the net, updating your blogs, waiting for an online video stream to load and having a chat with your online friends on Facebook. This is already a typical multi-tasking and multi-tabbing scenario done by most of people who really enjoys the benefits of the internet. But imagine doing all these stuffs with the use of your mouse, which would really be hard especially in cases where you need to switch from one tab to the other.

Good thing Mozilla Firefox has some pretty cool shortcut keys that are quite useful and convenient for us. Helpful shortcut keys provide us the multi-tasking skill that we need for faster commands implemented by using our keyboards rather than relying everything on the tip of our mouse fingers. Here are 12 of the most useful shortcut keys you surely need to know.

Useful Shortcut Keys:

  1. Backspace – the ever famous backspace key, this is to navigate you to the last page you’ve visited.
  2. Alt + Home – this allows your browser to instantly direct itself to your browsers default homepage.
  3. F5 – this is allows you to reload of refresh the current page.
  4. Ctrl + T – everyone loves tabbing, with these command you can easily open a new tab.
  5. Ctrl + Tab – this would command allows you to instantly switch from one tab to another.
  6. Ctrl + W – this instantly closes the current tab that you are in.
  7. Ctrl + H – this is an easy shortcut command that instantly shows you the history of all the recent pages that your browser has visited.
  8. Ctrl + F – a shortcut key that assists users to find a certain keyword in the page.
  9. Ctrl + K – this is a shortcut command instantly leads you to the web search of the browser.
  10. Ctrl + D – this is a shortcut command that instantly bookmarks the current page.
  11. Ctrl + Shift + Del – this is a command that clears all recent history of pages that you visited on your browser.
  12. Ctrl + J – this is a command that instantly shows all the current downloads that you had.

There you have it, 12 of the most useful shortcut keys that can help you boost up your surfing experience. Note that most of these shortcuts are also accessible in other browsers aside from Mozilla Firefox.


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