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How to protect your site from Link Spamming

Link Spamming:

If your site has too many low-quality links vs. high-quality links, your site may get penalized. This is what the new Google algorithm called Penguin does. Penguin is a filter which is run every so often and it is not in real time. Therefore, if you get penalized and you start cleaning the spam, it may take weeks before you recover from the penalty.
If someone wanted to use these techniques to do Negative SEO to your site, they would need to create hundreds of low-quality links, enough for their number to overtake that of your high-quality links. Therefore, Negative SEO using link spam is possible, but is not an easy task.



Some examples of low-quality links include:

– Links from pages with an unrelated subject to your website
– Links from footers
– Links from pages with too many consecutive links, such as sponsored links
– Links from pages with too many outgoing links
– Links from pages with low Google PageRank
– Links from forums and blog comments
– Links from low-quality directories
– Links from low-quality blog networks
– Many links from sites with identical or similar IP addresses
– Links from link exchange-type pages
– Using a certain keyword too many times in link anchor text
– Too many site-wide links

When it comes to links, keep a clean, strong backlink profile by avoiding manipulative link-building techniques. Using only quality sites, create a varied profile of links with varied anchor text. It’s also important to periodically check your link profile in order to find and remove spam links

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