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Linking Google My Business with Google AdWords

Google is introducing a new way to link your Google accounts to enhance the performance of your Ad campaigns. Now you can link your Google My Business account with your Google AdWords and avail location extensions!!

So, you no longer need to set up location extension for every campaign. Google My Business previously known as Google Places, used to manage the local listing on Google Search, Maps and G+ based on location.

Once the location is added to Business page, and linked to your AdWords account, you can now select “Upgraded” location extensions (account-level) from the “Extensions” tab that will enable adding locations automatically to your campaigns.

You can also add filters that can assign addresses to specific ad groups or campaigns.

Currently “Not-upgraded” i.e., the campaign-level extensions are being used that is based on locations. Hoping this new feature will be completely upgraded by the end of this year!!

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