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Google’s Very Own Domain Registration Service

There are still around 55% businesses that don’t even own a website says research conducted by the giant search engine, Google! Now, Google is getting explored to help small businesses make use of online presence to target clients.

Every online presence must require website to display their brand that is accessed with a domain name. Recently Google has announced that they will be bringing out a new service named “Google Domains”. At the beginning they will be inviting few numbers of people for testing out. Google Domain is actually a Domain Registration Service that is still on the process of being built.

With the help of Google Domains, now businesses can search, purchase or transfer domains that can best represent their business. The domains include .com, .org, .biz, or any other range of new domains that is being released on the web.

Google Domain is not a full-featured service, yet a little group of people will be able to buy and transfer domains with this service and also provide feedback. Currently, people only with invitation codes can avail this service. This limited access is just to know the experience of the customers to improve its service.

We can expect to see Google Domains launch of the service very sooner, you can browse to the URL: to check out the press of their work.

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