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Most Noticeable Updates of Google + in 2013

One of the best things that people love about Google is that it makes sense in getting smarter and smarter as it regularly updates its features and communities once such example is its social media, the ever-glowing Google+.

2013 is almost getting over and every marketer is thinking and trying new ways to impress customers and get leads and traffic. But it’s tougher if you don’t know what the current trend was, so, now it’s the time to recall what are the changes have been happened in this year!

Here are some updates about Google+:

# New Look and Feel:

After the Google’s annual conference programme, there has been brought

  • Some changes in the Maps
  • A new messaging system named Hangouts
  • Enhancement in its social media play
  • New layout with a new feature named Hash Tags

With these updates Google has got a brand new layout and looks to your post that determines the uniqueness of your post. For instance, when you post something, Google will look at your subject, and include the hashtags that seem relevant to your post and by using this it ranks your conversations across the network. Users can now click on a hashtag which displays related content by flipping on the card. This helps users to surf out other similar conversations on the social platform which brings different insights especially for marketers.

# Vanity URL:

Recently Google Plus rolled out vanity URLs for its esteemed users. Now, users can customize their URLs with their unique profile name. This short URL replaces the longest number of digits making it simple for the users to remember their profile address and can link their page directly for references. But once you choose the customized URL you cannot change it further. So be careful while choosing it, though Google+ helps you in suggesting few pre-assigned names.

# Unified Dashboard:

With the continuously increasing usage of Google+ for branding and marketing, Google+ has released a new dashboard which allows owners to manage their presence in search, maps, social, ad campaigns, etc., all in one place.

Now digital marketers feel easy to manage their AdWords campaign, notifications, website URLs, hangouts, etc. all in one dashboard making the Google platform as more effective!

Google is constantly updating its features to enhance the user’s presence taking its social media landscape to the next level.

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