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Techniques of WordPress SEO

      Basic WordPress SEO


  1.                         1. Permalink structure

                        2. WWW vs non-WWW

                        3. Stop words

  •  Optimize your Titles for SEO

                 1. Controlling titles with the WordPress SEO plugin

                 2. Optimizing individual posts

                 3. Optimize your descriptions

                 4.  Image optimization

                 5. XML sitemaps

  •   Template optimization

                 1 .Breadcrumbs

                 2.  Headings

                 3. Clean up your code

  •   Aim for speed

                 1.  Rethink that sidebar

                 2.  HTML sitemaps

                 3. Author highlighting

  • Advanced Word Press SEO and duplicate content

                  1.  Non index, follow archive pages and disable some archives

                  2. Disable unnecessary archives

                  3. Pagination

  • No following unnecessary links

                  1. Canonical

  •  A site structure for high rankings

                   1. Pages instead of posts

                   2. New wine in an old bottle

                    3. Linking to related posts

                    4. Go easy on the tags

  •  Conversion optimization
  •  Comment optimization

                 1. How you get people to comment

                 2. Bond with your commenters

                 3. Keeping people in the conversation

  •  Off site blog SEO

                  1. Follow your commenters

                  2. Use Twitter

                  3. Find related blogs, and work them

  •   Measuring results


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