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Industries can't ignore mobile app developmentIndustries can't ignore mobile app development

Top Industries Can’t Ignore Mobile App Development to Survive During COVID-19!

Take a look at the top industries that cannot say no to mobile app development to succeed during and post COVID-19.

30-second summary:


  • During the novel coronavirus pandemic, many industries are severely suffering and going bankrupt.
  • Mobile applications have come to the rescue of almost every industry or company to interact with their consumers online and promote their services in a much more efficient way.
  • In this post, we are going to cover the top industries that benefited and can’t ignore Mobile app development to grow while and post COVID-19

We all know, currently, to break the spread of coronavirus, the government announced the public to stay at home and to maintain social distancing.

This has forced many individuals to stay within the premises of their house and encouraged them to do work from home.

On the other hand, coronavirus also hits the rock bottom of every business due to the unforeseen shutdowns and lockdown.

In these unprecedented times, mobile apps have arrived as the knight in shining armor for people. 

Thus, many of today’s leading companies and industries are greatly benefiting by taking their business mobile.

Therefore, this article explores industries that benefit from incorporating mobile app development in their development strategy.


Mobile App Development Stats:


According to Statista research, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide is rapidly increasing every day.

It is also estimated by 2021, this figure is projected to swell to 352.9 billion app downloads. Clearly, if there is some kind of demand, it is natural that the supply will also grow.


Mobile app development

Top Industries Benefits from Mobile App Development During The COVID-19 Crisis:

Ecommerce Grocery Industry


One can survive without anything but can’t without essential grocery items.

In such a pandemic-induced scenario, it is predicted that in February 2020, grocery delivery apps have seen a rise in downloads up to 250%.

However, it is also noticeable that before COVID 19, buying groceries via grocery apps was just an option but now it’s not like that.

It has become an absolutely necessary app to be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store to buy groceries in the safest ways.

Mobile app development


So, if you’re a retail grocery store owner, you cannot get a better time to develop a grocery mobile app for your shop than this.

The most popular grocery apps like Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Target, and H-E-B and Shipt have experienced the massive download surge in these months.



Food Industry


Who Loves to spend protracted hours and waiting in line at a physical location to get food? Definitely I don’t. I order food via the food delivery app. I hope you too?

Why? Because the online food delivery app offers thousands of restaurants and millions of amazing dishes.

That’s why it’s not surprising to Know online food delivery apps are becoming more popular and its download surging to USD $200 billion by 2025.


Mobile app development

Currently, everyone is ordering food via their smartphones, and getting food became very much easier than heating up frozen meals in a microwave.

So, if you’re into the food industry without a mobile app, definitely you’re losing a huge income. So, start developing your own food delivery app with the help of React Native mobile app development companies.

Some hidden food delivery Apps stats- You must Know


  • The online food delivery segment is estimated to gain revenue of US $122,739 million in 2020.
  • The annual growth rate of revenue is 7.5 percent, which can raise the market volume by the US $164,002 million by 2024.
  • The platform for consumer delivery gains a market volume of US $62,798 million in 2020.

Thus, the online food industry made a gross revenue of $82 billion in 2018, which is likely to rise double by 2025, with a cumulative growth rate of 14 percent.

Some of the most popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, GRUBHUB, food panda, and JUST EAT have experienced the massive download surge in these months.



Education Industry


Due to this Coronavirus Lockdown, today many local schools, colleges, institutions, and universities are temporarily closed and strictly maintaining social distancing.

In such a case, online learning apps, education apps, or e-learning apps started to gain tremendous drive among faculties and students.

Today, every institution, be it small to large has hit digital platforms to conduct online classes for their students to make learning uninterrupted.


Mobile app development

Thus, the growth and revenue of the education industry were estimated to be the US $46.67 billion.

So, if you’re into the education sector, develop an E-learning mobile app, this helps teachers and students to get connected remotely and easily teach and communicate with them over live video chats. 


Some Stats about E-learning-You must Know


  • The worldwide e-learning market is estimated to be worth the US $325 billion in 2025.
  • The rate of use for online learning in US Corporation was approx. 77 percent in 2017, which rose above 95 percent in 2020.
  • Around 67 percent of US companies offered mobile learning.
  • Between the years of 2001-2017, e-learning culture increased over 900 percent in companies.
  • A survey of 2,500 companies brought 218 percent and 24 percent higher revenue per employee and profit margin respectively.


I hope you understand how demand is online learning apps and today technology has entered into the classroom system via smart learning.

Thus, start E-learning to save costs and reduce expenses with the help of mobile app development companies. 



Healthcare Industry


When it comes to revenue growth, the healthcare industry is one of the most stable industries.

Moreover, in a sensitive time like this where everyone is worried about their health. Today fitness apps or mental healthcare apps are downloaded by users from all around the globe.

Because currently, lockdown is extending day by day, our physical movements are reducing drastically.

Therefore, healthcare apps like medical care apps, fitness apps, mental health apps are helping people to keep fit and healthy.

These apps can be right downloaded from their smartphones. This guides people to do exercises, meditation, yoga, and follow diet routines, etc. to keep themselves fit and healthy while being at home.


Mobile app development

On the other hand, there are also on-demand doctor apps that are providing a significant service to help patients during Covid-19.

For instance, those apps help patients to get prompt consultation, guidance on medical sample tests, e-prescriptions, and medicine delivery.

Moreover, it allows people to consult top-notch doctors over medical apps to discuss their symptoms and diseases to get a better understanding of their health and withstand panic situations.

So, if you’re into the healthcare industry, develop your own healthcare mobile app with the best features that serve people in this pandemic situation.



Entertainment Industry


Entertainment is the only thing that makes people stay relaxed in this pandemic situation. It also helps people to slash boredom.

It is predicted that the average smartphone user spends about 15% of their time on music, media, and entertainment mobile apps.

Therefore, the entertainment industry has been developing many gaming and entertainment applications for their customers so that they always feel entertained and with their apps.


Mobile app development

Kids and adults are also engaged in entertainment and gaming apps to engage themselves and have a little bit of fun under these critical circumstances.

Some of the popular entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Snapchat, IMDb, Scrabble GO, etc., have noticed an amazing spike these months.



News Industry


During this challenging duration, people are more worried and curious about the latest happenings around the world.

Hence, News apps are the only source that helps people to stay aware of what is going around the world.

We all know, information is one of the most crucial things in this time of crisis. Further, wants to know what government and healthcare authorities are advising us to do and to learn more about precautionary measures as well as to understand how the entire world is coping with the crisis

Therefore, people are engaged more in news apps like CNN, BBC News, Google News, etc. to stay updated on what is happening nearby and across the world.

So, if you’re into the news-related industry develop your own news app that helps people who are scared right now.

Furthermore, you must understand, information and news can be major things needed for the people right now to get some patience and follow the instruction provided by health organizations.





Covid-19 has brought a significant halt to major businesses, however, the above-seen industries are surprisingly thriving.

Customers are also more concentrated on these industries and these businesses are witnessing a huge profit in the current market.

So, if you’re into these industries without the mobile app. This is the right time for you to search for a reputed mobile app development company.

mobile app development

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