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Truth Behind: Top 10 Tips For Recruiting A Full Stack Developer

What is a Full Stack Developer?


Full stack developers are software experts who deal with both front end and back end web development.

These professionals can understand all the programming languages.


You should hire a full stack developer in MVP stage to build a website or API application.

Startups usually begin at the MVP stage most of the time before being a web product.

This stage involves customer feedback from the discovery stage.


The MVP stage helps you to check your product towards customer needs before you officially launch.

A full stack developer executes projects with skill and proficiency, investing all their experience into it for the best product.


The professionals can handle projects better than technical heads as they have a detailed understanding about the project.

These professionals can drive the new software project to higher heights of success.


What Personality traits do Full Stack Developers have?


  1. Worked with media queries and single page applications.
  2. Better understanding of web frameworks like Django or Node JS.
  3. Well experienced with MySQL and Mongo DB for a long time.
  4. Some basic understanding of hybrid mobile app development.
  5. Able to switch from one domain to another, and finish tasks in the time.


When You Need to Hire a Full Stack Developer?


A full-stack developer in a team is responsible for product development and delivery.

When you need to hire a full-stack developer in your team, consider the following things:


  1. When you need to develop an MVP for your projects
  2. When you need a project manager
  3. In tight budget because full-stack developers are enough than specialists


The Benefits of Hiring a Full Stack Developer:


The advantages of hiring a full stack developer for your project can bring huge profit to you.

Many companies invest in design; so you can still succeed with your own strategy in the market.


  1. Accomplished web/app developers


Full stack developer has the qualifications and experience to add features to your product to succeed in the market.

These professionals can manage the whole stack in one hand.


If you wish to succeed then hire experts for your project.

Not everyone has the skills to handle your web project in all the 360-degree perspective.


  1. Versatility


A full stack developer is an expert in both front end and back end development.

Back-end developers will write prototype codes that connect your website to other content management systems.

Front-end developers will create codes (using HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that control the appearance of a site in a browser.


A full stack developer is an all rounder who handles all these tasks.

The professionals are goal oriented towards the customer expectations and come up with solutions.


  1. Vast experience


Many full stack developers have knowledge in different types of web projects.

They have experience and in-depth knowledge in web and app development.

It’s  highly beneficial for you to perform your project in the way you had a dream.


  1. The bigger picture


The main advantage of hiring a full stack developer is that they design structure and provide their input completely.

Their services are higher than web development.


  1. Up-gradation


In a recent study, 94 % of people agree that web design is the main reason they love or reject a website.

Professional full stack developers will create your web project very user friendly.


They are expertised with all the latest technological innovations.

They create smart features in your project so that your customers will get a responsive and conversational website.


  1. All-inclusive work


Full stack developers are not only experts in giving end to end solutions.


They also represent your company and product in conferences with the stakeholders.

Their ability is groundbreaking and you will realise that hiring a full stack developer is worth every penny.


  1. They can troubleshoot issues


Experienced full stack developers will be equipped with solutions for issues in every stage of website development.


They identify problems in the project and also provide solutions to them.

They will provide long-term solutions for your website or application.


  1. Budget-friendly


If you are on a small budget and still need a well accessible site, hiring a full stack developer is the only way you can opt for.


They will handle every job, you don’t need to spend more money on multiple developers for a single project.

Hiring an expert full stack developer will save you more profit.


  1. Timely delivery


When you have one full stack developer in your team, it will be easy for you to share responsibilities among all the members in the team.


Your team will coordinate in a better way for good results.

This helps you to deliver your project within a short period of time.


  1. They can assume all project ownership


You can rely on the full stack developer for all the projects at your convenience.

They will work for the MVP development from start till the end.


Even if you are hiring them in the middle of your project, they will still be able to deliver what you expect on  time.

Full stack developers help in quality quality control of the project design.


A full stack developer helps your web/app project beyond the MVP development by giving the control from both server side and client side for timely delivery.


Where to find a qualified full stack developer?


In-house team


This is the most traditional way. The team is located in the same country, city, and building with you, and their salary has to be on your budget.


Remote nearshore collaboration


The team is located in a different time zone with the head office but in another city or country, and your collaboration will mostly be remote .


Remote offshore team


The developers are located on a different continent, and your collaboration is remote.

This option is good for startup founders because of the small budget.


Distributed team


They don’t have any head office and all employees will be all over the world.

Management will be tough but it depends upon the developers’ salary.


Interview questions to ask a full stack developer


Question #1: Tell about one of the projects that you worked on and the technologies that you used. How did you make these choices?


Here you can access the candidate knowledge in the full stack development methodology.

You can check their potential in choosing a specific toolset for both the back end and front end.


Question #2: What technologies would you need to build a project from scratch?


If you are a startup founder, you can check your candidate willingness to work in a dynamic startup environment.

If they can quickly come up with languages and technologies, the candidate is a perfect fit for your project.


Question #3: What is the most recent thing that you have learned?


This question is used to test candidates enough and in other words, are they really full stack?.

It is important to know the latest trends in the industry and constantly learn something new because technology is changing at a lightning speed.


Question #4: Do you have experience working remotely?


When you are hiring a remote team member, especially  in a distributed team this is very essential .

When hiring remote employees, you need to pay attention to their previous remote experience in general.


Question #5: Tell about the recent programming challenge that you have experienced when working in a team. How did you overcome it?


This shows if the candidate is able to respond in critical situations.

It will also show you their ability to work in a team and collaborate with the team members in critical situations. 




So, these were the Truth Behind: Top 10 Tips For Recruiting A Full Stack Developer.

A Full Stack developer can uplift your company in more profitable ways. 


It is a good idea to hire full-stack developers, we the expertise and experience full stack developers from ZUAN TECHNOLOGIES will bring game-changing factors in your project.

Get in touch with us if you want to work with the expert professionals in the industry.

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