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Zuan Team New Year Celebration 2015

Zuan Technology team has celebrated the New Year 2015 with a huge bash!! It was a great day right from the beginning, and as a part of celebration our team has organized interesting games, and played music and of course, we had the sweetest cake with lots of cheers and laughter!

The funniest part of the game is the team was split into pairs. One have to instruct the other in drawing a small picture on the board, and the most exciting moment is the person have to draw with eyes closed. And it was very funny laughing on the floor by leaps and bounds.

Then, followed up with the photo sessions and yummy snacks that made our heart and stomach full-filled on the special day!

And, finally the day has ended up well and everyone left the place with big smiles and empowered thoughts to make up the upcoming year with new spirit.

On this note, team Zuan wishes you all a very Happy Blissful and a Healthy New Year!!

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