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Zuan Team Pongal Celebration 2015

On behalf of the Thai Pongal celebration at Zuan Technologies, we, the Zuan Team had enjoyed the previous day of Pongal with traditional wears and girls were looking gorgeous with colorful sarees and boys with daring veshti sattai.

On the auspicious day of our Zuan Pongal festival, while girls were busy in drawing colorful rangoli kolam, boys ran up to the shop and bought pots, sugarcane, jaggery, nuts, fruits, etc., to make sweet pongal recipe. Of course it took a lot of time to cook, but it was really yummy!! Last, but not the least, we ended the day with photo shoots and wishes.

Entirely, we had a great occasion with the festival of harvesting (Tamizhar Thirunal) and enjoyed the day with loads of smiles and cheers.

Catch us at our Facebook Page, for more pics of Zuan Pongal Celebration!

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