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12 Solved Questions that might help while Hiring Developers

The developers must have strong technical skills, likewise, they also need to have certain soft skills. So how do you hire the best developers for your business? If you’re a manager or recruiter, you can easily find the best candidate who can solve your company’s needs by asking these questions. 

However, most of the developers work in remote teams. It’s essential to have communication skills too, which helps developers to convey their ideas to a team or clients.

You know, hiring unfit developers can crash your revenue and lead you to trouble. Likewise, You can surely make huge profits by hiring dedicated developers, but you need to examine him/her carefully.

Here are 12 of the best developer interview questions to ask candidates in 2020. 

1. Can you explain the projects you have worked on spare time?

  • Technology is ever-evolving, so while hiring a  developer for your project look at how they keep updating their skills in their spare time. 
  • The developer must have the latest technology skills and the latest trends.
  • Web developer interview questions can help the recruiter to learn more about application developers working styles.
  • You can also find how they solve problems, their information gatherings, managing user feedback, handling QA, and how they can work as a team. 
  • You have to pay attention to find whether they give importance to user experience or not. This quality defines the characteristics of an expert developer.

2. What are the web platforms you are expertise in?

  • You can ask the candidates, whether they have experience in web platforms like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. 
  • The answer to this type of question will show the candidate’s understanding of various platforms. 
  • If they are able to state the pros and cons of all these websites, then with a reliable person you can relax throughout your projects.
  • You can also ask them to differentiate or compare terms like UI vs. UX and front end vs. back end, to find their potential.

3. Have you done any presentation before?

  • IT plays a dominant role in corporate companies, so you can also look for public speaking skills in your web developer. However, you need a web developer who is able to do presentations skilfully. 
  • If your candidate has done a presentation to non-IT groups, then it’s an added advantage for you. 
  • By interviewing these skills, you will find how they organized information, how they gathered, and how they managed to keep their audience’s attention. 


4. Tell me about your techie role model?

  • This question can sound usual, but it’s really important to know how they get inspiration from innovators? Skilled web and mobile app developers? Extraordinary designers? Famous Entrepreneurs, who made billions? People, who rule the tech world? 
  • The answer to all these questions will help you to find their ambitions and values. Therefore you can find the right candidate for your company goals.

5. Which app or website do you hate the most?

  • This web developer interview question will tell you their up-to-date tech knowledge, awareness of the latest improvements, project management, and problem-solving skills to deal with the current web development checklist. 
  • If your candidate is able to answer these types of questions, you can easily find their understanding of other skilled developers. 
  • However, a good developer should be able to provide real solutions for practical problems including improvements in site loading speed and user experience optimization.

6. What would you do when an application malfunctions?

  • Problem-solving skills are the soul of web development, you must listen to your candidate’s skills in how they fix certain malfunctions. 
  • You will be able to find their potential in solving issues and see whether they ask for help from other teams also.
  • They have to know when to ask for help and how to respond to such a tough situation as a good developer.
  • Also, you can ask, How they will react if their first ideas for a problem doesn’t work out?

7. How do you respond to feedback?

  • Web developers must handle feedback from beta testers and web users. 
  • A perfect developer can handle this situation ideally. He/she must be able to take those feedback, analyze it, and implement it into their development process. 
  • You can analyze how they deal with this issue and how they give proper conclusions for feedback.

8. In any situation, Have you ever got fired for someone else’s fault?

  • This can be challenging for the candidate and also to recruiters in some cases, but as a result of this question, you will know the candidate’s attitude in working full time as a dedicated team.
  • If a candidate points out all the blame on his colleagues, then it can be a sign of a red flag. 
  • A good developer must be diplomatic and able to find a solution for issues that didn’t work out as he/she desired. 
  • If your candidate gets frustrated to handle this question, then it’s not an ideal choice to hire them.


9. What’s your industry specialization?

  • Being an all-rounder is exceptional, but every candidate will have their own specialization in the industry. 
  • You have to analyze the developer’s potential and his area of expertise. For example, he/she can be an expert in working with bigcommerce stores or else in one-page company websites. 
  • So, the right candidate will have a proper understanding of how data is structured, what are the functions available, how APIs work, and how they configure all the web services. 
  • Candidates must be able to tell, just a brief outline about the cycle of the development process. This shows his interest in the various needs of companies. 
  • It’s ideal to recruit developers with expertise in two or three fields than hiring an average developer in various sectors.

10. Which development tools do you prefer?

  • There are several development tools and you can check whether the developer has knowledge about multiple tools.
  •  As I have mentioned earlier, developers will be working with every other development team in a company. So, they must have knowledge of working with multiple tools.

The tools are as follows,

  • GitHub can be used to work together as a team on a specific project.
  • CodeKit to minify, combine, and syntax-check in JavaScript.
  • JS to structure the applications and create a one-page application.
  • CodePen for deploying a website and test cases.
  • Grunt to automate repetitive tasks, etc.

11. Have you worked with APIs before?

  • All developers should have knowledge in working with APIs for commercial purposes including, Twitter, Slack, Dropbox, and the suite of APIs that Google offers. 
  • Developers should be able to explain the functions of API and integrate this function in their design. 
  • Advanced or experienced developers would have helped to develop and document the APIs. 
  • If they are advanced, then they will be able to explain how they worked with the development team to create secure, user interfaces.

12. Can you tell me the future trends in web development?

  • This is an open-ended question asked in interviews, and candidates will explain about technologies and top software like Motion UI, AI-powered customer service chatbots, voice search, Google’s improvements to their Accelerated Mobile Pages technology, emerging cybersecurity threats, or advanced analytics techniques. 
  • You can ask questions like how they will improve user experience long term, what challenges the technology presents, and how they integrate the new technology in their current work.

Bottom Line

Asking these 12 best developer interview questions will help you to find the list of the right candidates with the best technical skills and strong interpersonal qualities. 

Having all these qualities in web developers can help you to grow your business goals without any obstacles. As every company demands a skilled developer, who can handle all the tough situations and find a great way to find solutions.

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