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Bing Search Update: Initiates the New Bing Network

The New Bing Network is an innovative penetration to put you where your consumers are!

Bing’s new platform will help people to get “knowledge for doing” in a more analytical, natural and personal way. It come across not only Microsoft products but also other partners and platforms, this is its great aptitude. Bing network bonds you with the instant that are stuffed by the products people use every day.

Further Access when it Matters Most

Bing reach out to the unique audiences, by where, when and how they want to be reached. Indeed, the Bing network includes 60 million searchers. It provides unique searches and a section of our clicks come only from the exclusive Bing searchers.

Along with the growth of its syndication business and emergence of Windows 10, including its partners like Gum Tree, AOL, Infospace, and The Wall Street Journal, the Bing network is adding more searches and clicks. The organized businesses prolong to deliver high-quality volume.

Constructing connections that are more applicable

On the other hand, the customers are the key in handling their product development. Based on the consumers review, Bing has built campaign-management tools like Bing Ads iOS and Android apps, and also on the way to introduce Bing Ads Editor for Mac. Bing shopping and Automated Rules are also been created for easier acquisition on Bing platform.

A dominant, clever platform

The capacity to rule over the operating system from PCs, tablets and phones to consoles, cars and the internet of things (IoT) gives the chance to put Bing almost everywhere. Bing’s intelligence can be experienced in Windows 10, in the form of Cortana and Voice search in Xbox one. Yet Bing is not restricted to Microsoft industry. It is extended increasingly in many technologies like Apple devices, Amazon’s devices and on thousands of leading websites.

Be There

The construction of Bing technology has gradually took a new look that is different from the way it was when it was begun six years ago. You could enjoy the new Bing’s brand look, new logo, photography style and color. These changes are going to keep us excited and mark the important period of time in Bing network.


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