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7 Conversion Optimization Stats & Tips for Marketers and Shoppers in 2021

conversion rate optimization for business growth

One of the best places to figure out your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is to start with your previous year’s CRO data. It is one of the best ways to find out what has worked well and the needs for the coming year. Following are some collected conversion optimization statistics of 2015 based on what shoppers and marketers has done. It includes:

# Marketers’ actions
# Consumer Spending
# Conversion by Traffic & Devices
# Smartphone Market
# Social Proof Marketing
# Video Conversions

7 Conversion Optimization Statistics of 2015 & Tips for 2016

1] Optimizing Your Website for Conversions


Having an idea that web optimization is just an assumption? Around 63% of marketers optimize their websites based on assumptions and guessing. But the intuition is alone not enough. It may help you to sort out what to test, and find out the best practices based on research, expertise and case studies.

2] Using A/B Testing

Ab Testing

Testing allows you to have a trial and error. That’s why A/B testing is quite essential!
The top 5 online retailers have already caught its essence, and 75% of them are using it according to the recent stats, but yet it is not sufficient, as 61% are planning to increase the usage of split testing option.

3] Shopping Cart Optimization

Abandoned shopping cart is a major difficulty for online retailers and 73% of organizations do not have idea about why it occurs. According to the stats of Crazy Egg, 11% of US adults are asked to register and too many information requirements before they end up, which keep them turned off from purchasing.

4] Email Marketing Hasn’t Dead

email marketing for business

Email marketing is one of the most proven conversion optimization tactics we have been using over the years. Statistics shows, email marketing has a conversion rate of 3.31% from search, social and advertising.

5] Using Social Proof

social media importance

You might be bored about listening to the importance of social proof. People have to know about what others like and what others recommend to research thoroughly before they buy products. Nearly 84% of internet shoppers use social media sites to get recommendations to make a purchase.

6] Trying Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

According to stats of Crazy Egg, last year, internet shoppers spent around 521 billion minutes on their Smartphones and about 143 billion minutes on tablets. Altogether, it was 100+ billion minutes time spent on desktops.

Obviously, you can’t ignore PCs which generates more valuable orders. That’s why mobile cross-platform approach could be in your strategy in 2016. When you are using it, make sure that your product images are clear, easy checkout and accessible product information. These are some of the annoyances of users.

7] Video Marketing

video marketing

Making video marketing is a key strategy for the year 2016. Nearly one fourth of Americans watch online videos and 73% of them think about buying something after watching out the video. Video results in more number of clicks when they appear in SERP (search engine results page), with highest click-through rate of 41% in the previous year. Statistics shows by 2018, almost 75% of website traffic will be video based.

What kind of optimization tactics do you wish to follow for the coming year? What’s your key focus for 2016? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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