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Google Can Now Open Apps You Haven’t Even Installed

Last year Google bought a company called Agawi specialized in mobile apps over the Web, so that the users can view them before downloading them. This is the reason why Google decided to buy the company.

Google has been listing the apps for a number of years and it has found that around 40% of searches in Android devices are rolling for app content. The app content is difficult to access for many but Google is trying to open the app on the remote servers and to give streaming experience to its users. This makes it more useful and reduces the necessity to download apps where the users can look at the ads shared by someone else, like Facebook.

App-indexing is now open to everyone

The search engine will show more related content to the users if the apps are indexed. So the Google is pushing the developers to index the apps. In the earlier, Google needed the content in the app to be the same on the Web, so that it can link to the particular web page even if the app is not installed.

Facebook now listed its app content for Google’s search engine, which allows the searchers to open the app directly. Facebook has more users accessing its app instead of the mobile site.

But Facebook have more competition than other social networking sites. Other networking sites have to compete with Facebook as the users need not install the app to view inside.

Taking back advertising share

The one biggest problem that Google has with the mobile web is that it is accessed through the apps. Google can’t depend on cookies to track the use information as it is with Web. Therefore, the advertising attempts are not effective.

These apps will help Google to collect more information about its users and supports to advertise in a more expected way. In the past, when Google directs a user to another app through search results, all it knew is that a user opened the app. This information could be used for future advertising chances.

If Google provides the advertising network for apps, then it can serve more related ads. This is because Google stores all the information about the user who found the app via Google search.

This would now help Google to compete with Facebook for sharing the mobile ad market. Facebook maximizes its presence on mobile to provide more expected ads in other apps while Google has not yet figured out. The Facebook users continue to grow and its ad platform like Atlas tracks the audiences on mobile.

These growing apps would help to increase revenues from the Google Play app store. Google could use links as advertisements instead of using app-install ads. There are more opportunities to increase the mobile revenue and search is the first one.

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