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SEO vs New SEO

Algorithm-proof SEO methods that works for the year 2014!

On-site factors:


Aim on Traffic and Rankings:

1.       Aimed solely for raise and traffic and higher ranking.

2.       Focus was on organic website traffic from search engines.



User Engagement and Brand Exposure for Diversified Traffic:

1.       Aims for larger user engagement and brand exposure.

2.       Considering ranking factor as the reporting metric and incentive for efforts with an ultimate goal.

3.       Focus diverted on social media and referral traffic from various websites.


Focus on Technical Knowledge:

1.       Analytical and technical knowledge is much needed.


Focusing on Marketing Knowledge:

1.       Marketing knowledge is all that is needed.

2.       Analytical mind with marketing tactics will over rule.

Content factors:


Target on Clicks and Page Views:

1.       Creating content just for clicks and views.

2.       Content of any quality is usable.


Targeting on User Engagement, Conversion and Revenue:

1.       Creating engaging content for users to get sure clicks and conversions that leads to an increase in revenue.

2.       Content with unique and high-quality and plagiarism free is a must.


Only Optimizing for Search Engines:

1.       Creating titles and description stuffed with exact match anchor text keywords.


Optimizing for Users:

1.       Eye-catchy titles and content on snippets for maximum clicks by focusing keyword diversity.


Competing in Search Engines:

1.       Competing solely in search engines for personal exposure.

2.       Paying attention on rank numbers.


Competing in Blogosphere:

1.       Competing in niche-related blogs, sharing ideas on own blogs.

2.       Using author-ship markups and being the face of the brand.

3.       Paying attention on user’s demand.


Off-site factors:


Only Link Building:

1.       Linking websites manually to social sites, directories.

2.       Buying links.

3.       Involvement in traffic or link exchange programs.

4.       Scoring quantity of backlinks.


Only Link Earning:

1.       Gaining high-quality links through guest blogging in authority sites.

2.       Getting links from industry-trusted sites.

3.       Earning relationships and establishing backlinks.


Results based on technical methods:

1.       Popularity of links for link exchange.

2.       Results based on technical methods.


Results for content creation:

1.       Attaining links as offerings regardless of receiving backlinks.

2.       Results based on amount on time and creativity spent of producing content.


Social Media factors:


Keywords and Content rules:

1.       Focusing only on keywords.

2.       Pushing content via social media.


Using #Tags and Viral Communication can rule:

1.       Replacing Keywords with the usage of #Tags.

2.       Using social media for content sharing and communication evolved around content.


Commenting only for Backlinks:

1.       Interacting and commenting for backlinks within the related community



Participating socially for Viral Exposure:

 1.       Sharing personal and practical experiences.

2.       Building relations and gaining personal authority.

3.       Helping neighborhoods for their encountered problems and raising your popularity.


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