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Simple Ways to Increase your YouTube Traffic

As you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google and it’s one of the Google’s products. It has got an outreach to the peak with over a 4 billion videos being viewed each day and around 60 hours of video is getting uploaded every minute.

So what can YouTube bring for you? Why is it so special?

Uploading and marketing the videos on YouTube can increase your content visibility on YouTube as well the Google search! You can present your product or service of any platform that can be viewed by over 800 million users every month.

Now let’s see how to explore your videos in the YouTube channel and the correct ways to optimize it to have huge visitors.

Optimizing Video Meta Data:

In metadata you will have to enter all the information about the video that exactly describes what the subject is about. The metadata comprises of the title, descriptions and tags of your video.

Specifying all this information can help users to reach your video if they seem their targeted query matches your content. Moreover optimizing the metadata will extend the visibility of your video and thus increasing the website traffic and ranking.

There are few tools which you can get used in order to find the exact title that matches your context. And also provide a compelling description that attracts the visitor’s attention in order to have the most clicks. You can also include an URL at the beginning of description that makes more sense to reach your website too! In the keywords and tags section, provide the most relevant and targeted keywords using research tools.

Use Descriptive Playlists:

The Playlist is a feature which helps in organizing the videos into groupings which is based on the category of your choice. Targeting the YouTube channel is most important as it makes wonders in increasing your videos virally. You can also customize the playlists with your preferred title focusing your targeted keywords.

Such videos that are grouped with similar topic in the playlists will most likely drive the traffic between each other due to the usability of the visitors and defining the subject matter for YouTube’s search algorithm.

Make the Most of Annotations:

The Annotation will add interactive comments to your videos. This will help in increasing the video’s subscription, watching more videos within the playlists, adding comments, resuming the video, twitter followers, Facebook likes and so on.

You can add annotations by editing the videos and using the annotations dashboard that has a wide range of options in its menu such as the speed bubble, title, spotlight, label, pause, sharing option and much more.

These are the great innovative actions that can be used for better optimization of your YouTube channels. If you find difficulty in optimizing it, you can approach online marketers like us, who are well-versed in search engine optimization strategies in providing you the best and perfect solution!

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