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6 killer digital marketing methods for b2b

Your customers’ emotional connections to your company’s mission, story or values can drive effective sales.


The most powerful way to strengthen this connection with clients is possible through digital channels such as social media, online article publishing and video.


Here at Zuan Technologies, we believe in the power of digital marketing and we work hard to implement strategies that enhance our clients’ digital brand experience.


B2B marketing in a digital world


The evolving digital age remodeled the B2B communication process. 

Which includes how to successfully do marketing for your products. 


With technology constantly developing, digital marketing tactics need more updation.

Are you working hard to meet the expectations of your audience? Then every company should incorporate digital marketing plans into their method.


Why is digital marketing important for a B2B?


The influence of technology over how businesses run is evident. However, the only difference is the speed at which technology is changing.


With the ever-evolving development of new technology, it is essential to communicate with your customers in the right way.


B2B Marketing methods in 2020


Here are “ 6 killer digital marketing methods for b2b” you need to implement to reach today’s clients.


By 2020, executives predict nearly half of their revenue will be driven by digital marketing while 56% of CEOs have seen their digital improvements improve profits


  1. Website


A website is the driven force for business. However, Websites today are living, breathing entities of your company and they need to be managed in the proper way.


You have to showcase your expertise while providing solutions to the potential clients.


Your company website should be an industry resource engaging clients by providing them with an informative and entertaining experience.


This will help them to get the info they are searching for easily. It must provide you the tool that collects data including sales leads.


A B2B website must:


  • Be suited to your target audience
  • Be mobile responsive
  • Calls-to-action to get pricing, schedule a demo, request a white paper, and so on

Showcase testimonials

  • Feature all your social media pages
  • Have industry information
  • Be assessed and updated on a regular basis


B2B research is a long process. Your website will help you to discover the process easy by outlining how you can resolve better than your competition.


  1. SEO and Content


SEO is the key master to get new visitors to your site. Without new visitors, you cannot grow your business to the next level.


SEO helps search engines to find you and will raise you rankings higher than before. 


SEO is complicated slightly, and here comes the need to hire specialists to assist in improving your SEO or work with a company that can deliver best SEO.


They will help you with the most effective keyword phrases to rank your site in search engines effectively.


You also want to look at other marketing methods to improve SEO. Creating a blog on your website will help you to improve SEO and be a thought leader in your industry.


Your expertise will provide a world of knowledge to your clients and also helps you to draw new clients to your site. Keep in mind this works with B2B cycles in major.


 If you can attract clients back to your site with your strong content, you are building trust, which can, in turn, lead to higher traction.


You can also look for outside engagement and guest article opportunities that will link your blog and websites.


This technique will increase awareness of your own content and it is the effective digital marketing strategy.


Video is a huge component of content to engage and also educate your audience. People will react positively to the video because it creates identity to your brand. 


Other contents may include infographics, e-books, white papers, and case studies.


  1. Integration


To enhance your business both online and offline marketing efforts is a must. You can tie the two together with the use of effective customer service.


Ensuring the way to reach you at any time will crave the offline support people. 


You can direct people to your website, social media, and landing pages through print ads, radio, and television.


Your landing pages are an excellent resource to measure the offline promotions success.


  1. Social Media


Which social channels do B2B marketers use?


You can use social media as part of your B2B digital marketing methods.

You have to ensure that you are keeping visitors engaged.


 However, social media is never too old and new platforms such as Instagram is more popular than the age old Facebook.


For B2B, Instagram supports effectively, but Facebook continues to offer value. The easiest ways to use social media is possible with your blog content.


 Posts directing them to useful content with relevant information will also assist with your SEO efforts. You can cross-promote across all different social media platforms.


Use of social media includes engaging visuals and helpful info such as:


  • Industry tips
  • Industry news
  • Pain point solutions
  • Updates to your products/services
  • Happy client stories
  • Links to case studies and white papers on your website
  • Video testimonials
  • Links to instructional videos made by your company


The one thing to avoid on social media is being transparent about sales pitches. 


You want to inform and engage, and create curiosity which will lead people to your services.


  1. PPC Campaigns


You can include a pay-per-click campaign in your digital marketing efforts.

The beauty of SEO and content is that it is not so expensive, and you can hire the experts to be benefited by talents.


 However, if you are not currently seeing the results you are expecting then, PPC campaigns are an excellent option, within your budget it will suit your needs.

With PPC, you pay for ad clicks.


Some platforms will also charge you for engagement or impressions or offer you the choice of pay. 


They will provide excellent ways to reach your exact target and a number one tool to drive lead generations and raise brand awareness.


  1. Redefining Targets


The beauty of digital marketing is that it will improve your reach . To reach your target audience you can invest in campaigns which is the most effective way.


These campaigns are available in Google searches and can be applied through social media platforms. You can also refine your targets mid-campaign.


With easy access to results-based analytics, you can continue your campaigns to see the best results and with low investment for failed initiatives. 


Free tools like Google Analytics will help you to understand how effective your marketing is and how it is affecting your targets.


Can B2B marketing be done through a digital platform?


The easiest way to begin your strategy is to list all the digital platforms including websites, blogs, and social media pages.


If you have access to analytics look for successful assets that helped you to generate leads or close sales.


If you don’t know about this type of research, look at the assets that received the most visits, clicks, or shares.


That will provide insight into what works the best for you.


Next, you can try the PPC campaign. Consider your budget and decide where you wish to invest money and refer to your analytics to see where you find the best ROI.


After determining the digital marketing tactics that your company needs to use, create a plan. 


This plan should include:


  • Title/Topic
  • Where it will be posted
  • When it will be published
  • Crossover opportunities for links
  • PPC ads
  • Content provider


It is never too late for your business to start digital marketing. These methods will help you to incorporate digital marketing in your business very easily.


Final Takeaways


Digital marketing is an extremely important component of any company’s overall plan, regardless of the size of your industry.


When you properly implement all these digital marketing methods, you can produce influential results in the business world.


These methods of marketing plan will reach your audience and attract them to your company. 


To learn more about how to properly implement a digital marketing plan to enhance your company and bottom line, contact the best strategists at Zuan technology today!

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