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8 Mcommerce Gamify Plans of Business to Predict Sale

In 2017, mobile apps are considered as the only option for e-commerce retailers even for giant e-commerce chains like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc.

But in the past few years, we can witness changes booming in the eCommerce industry.

The companies dropped out of developing mobile apps and have drastically shifted to experience the key advantages of mCommerce. 

Mcommerce or mobile commerce is adapted in all types of services that include retail apps, business apps, and e-commerce apps.

If you’re a business owner and thinking to invest in a mCommerce application for your company in 2021, then this article is for you.

What is mCommerce?

Mobile commerce or m-commerce means a transaction that is carried out using a mobile device. For example, a smartphone, tablet, or even a wearable device.

Mobile commerce helps consumers in purchasing products or services online in a convenient environment and using their mobile devices.

mCommerce is more than eCommerce with the ease of mobile devices.

Mobile commerce is an effective trend that is implemented with new industries and services including mobile banking, mobile tickets and boarding passes, sophisticated location-based services, and mobile marketing.

Types of mobile commerce apps

Mobile commerce industries or businesses come irrespective of their shapes and sizes, but we have enlisted the three most important mCommerce business models.

  •  Mobile banking – Mobile banking applications are related to online banking applications. Some types of transactions may be limited or restricted on mobile devices. But most of the mobile banking applications give excellent experience and high security to its customers. Some financial services institutions also experiment with innovations such as chatbots and messaging apps.
  • Mobile shopping – this mCommerce feature works just like its mobile counterpart of e-commerce. It refers to online stores accessible using wireless handheld devices. Businesses that wish to create mobile-optimized websites, invest in mobile apps, can make use of social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Mobile payments – this variant of mCommerce application focuses on mobile payment options available for its consumers. For example, google pay or apple pay, etc.

Now that you have clear insights about mCommerce businesses, let’s look at the business plans to predict sales using mobile commerce applications.

1. Accelerated buyer journey

Most businesses trust that offering a responsive website, could give a similar mobile experience to their customers. Actually, the truth is different from their perspective.

Mobile applications are faster than websites on an average of (1.5 times faster) in loading data and search results.

All this factor allows customers to browse and purchase products really faster-using smartphones or tablets.

The accelerated buyer’s journey can be a benefit for businesses to deliver their customers the best experience and process the purchase as early as possible.

2. Wider reach and accessibility

Mobile commerce helps businesses to enter into new markets that they missed to reach before.

In 2021, the number of smartphone users will rise to (3.8 billion). This is on an average of half the current whole world population.

Every person with a smartphone is a potential customer for m-commerce businesses, and this wide range of user base offers more opportunities to generate sales and leads.

You can easily access your customers just by making them download your mobile app from their App Store online shopping.

3. Reaching customers at the right time

The main key feature of using mCommerce for businesses in any type of industry is their targeted timing.

Mobile websites allow the business to reach their potential customers within the right time and appropriate message.

For example, using push notification, you can send app users searching for a product and tell them that you offer discounts for the product in a few days.

If you could analyze customers shopping from your online mobile store in specific free time, you can easily target them with personalized promotion notifications for buying and selling products.

4. New marketing opportunities

The marketing opportunities of mCommerce is immense. The first one is their scalability that mobile commerce applications offer for businesses.

They monitor and analyze the customer’s traffic in your app, which helps you to target mobile app marketing within consumer interests.

You can then optimize your resources suitable for mobile users to make them buy your products (for example, during the specific festivals).

Here are some of the mobile e-commerce apps marketing features:

  • M-commerce helps you to reach your target audience directly with a mobile application. This will reduce your marketing campaign expenditures.
  • If you integrate the app with social media platforms, you can allow users to spread your brand awareness and enable users to share your products with their networks.
  • If your app becomes famous, you can earn money by running ads in your app.

5. Valuable customer data

In traditional e-commerce businesses, a customer will visit a store, buy a product or goods and services, and exit. We may not be able to identify their specific needs for purchasing a specific product on the mobile web. 

Have you ever thought, they compared their products with other options? What factors influenced their idea? Whether it’s the price range or product features?

Using mobile commerce, you will answer almost every question.

This is possible using mobile analytics and tracking consumer data from their product discovery to the end of purchasing.

6. Better customer experience

Many businesses are striving to seek attention from customers.

This is just because of competition prevailing to deliver unique and personalized customer experience.

Customer experiences are one of the most important trends to be kept in mind while the mobile app development process.

Better customer experience can drive higher content conversion for business rates and revenue.

A convenient, interactive, and structured mobile e-commerce application can instantly boost up the overall buying process.

7. Direct communication

Businesses can reach their audiences using different methods including, email newsletters and social media. But push notifications can easily complete that process.

To ignore an email is easy, but push notification can leverage businesses to great extent. 

The companies focus to establish direct communication with customers and that’s the major reason for companies trying to create e-commerce applications.

Push notification can increase 90% of sales and it’s the ideal channel for communicating with customers to advertise new products or seasonal sales.

8. Personalized content

Customers’ responses are positive towards personalized content, just because they feel that businesses understand their preferences and they are more likely to experience the products. If your personalization is more specific and it has higher chances to reach potential customers.

This eventually helps businesses to expand their reach and user engagement, which drives customer loyalty and increases the conversion rate.

By having an eye over the behavior patterns and individual preferences of mobile app users, a business can deliver personalized content effectively. This includes, special promotions or offers based on your customer’s shopping history.

Bottom Line 

Mobile commerce apps deliver great shopping experiences for users, according to their buying habits and preferences.

The companies using mCommerce apps are driving more new sales and revenue. through marketing options.

If you are a business owner, confused still, then investing in the mcommerce app is definitely a smart move.

Don’t delay, make use of mobile commerce and double your business sales this year.

Get in touch with us, if you want to learn more about m-commerce. Our mobile development team can deliver high-quality mCommerce applications for your businesses.

Contact us to take your business to the next level! 

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