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7 Ways of M-Commerce Business to Make Revenue

Mobile apps and mobile commerce are rapidly growing these days, whereas one billion mobile users do online shopping every day. Mobile shopping is driving one-third of the total e-commerce revenue. 

In recent years, the cost of creating mobile apps has dropped than before. This is an advantage for business owners and we can find thousands of mobile apps in the marketplace. 

There are a huge number of mobile apps available such as business apps, eCommerce apps, retail apps, etc. 

Online shopping is a sensation across the global markets. As people find mobile apps very convenient for shopping, mobile commerce has developed into the next generation of e-commerce using digital marketing.

E-commerce businesses or online retailers, (irrespective of small or large sizes) mobile apps have become the most useful tool to market their businesses to acquire potential customers. 

As research predicts, 66% of the global population use mobile devices,  and in that 90% of people spend time using mobile apps only 10 % on the Internet. Now you know, Mobile commerce is the goldmine for online retailers.

With eCommerce mobile apps like Amazon, Jio Mart, and Flipkart customers search for products, compare prices, buy products online, share products, or favorite items with family. 

E-commerce apps also offer a variety of loyalty and reward programs for customers to keep shopping. Users shop with brands and retailers who offer coupons, rewards, and discounts more! Therefore it increases sales and revenue as a result.

M-Commerce Business

Simply creating mobile apps for e-commerce can’t drive the desired sales and profit. By offering a good experience and engaging customers can offer additional value to businesses. Don’t hesitate to invest in mobile apps, it’s a wise option to get loyal customers. 

If you’re not convinced, check with your competitors if they have one then probably you must include it. 

In this blog, you will find the top 7 ways mobile commerce is beneficial for businesses with examples.

#1 Faster Purchases

Most of the business sites have mobile applications because the loading time is 1.5 times faster with search results on smartphones. 

However, using mobile apps customers can shop the products very fast and conveniently. The functionalities of mobile e-commerce apps are basically like other desktop apps and customers can shop directly from these apps.

The statistics of M-commerce shows, 30-40% growth rate in 2014, whereas it reached 150 billion dollars in 2017 and now it accounts for 4.058 trillion dollars by 2020

Amazon revenue forecasts 43 million customers before 3 years and now it has about 67 million customers. This huge growth rate predicts how mobile apps are helpful in driving revenue for businesses.

#2 Better Customer Experience

Mobile users are now familiar with smartphones or tablets and navigate easily through apps. This makes it easier for businesses to provide a better user experience to customers as they can share the products or purchase desired products. The advantage of customer experience is huge in transforming high conversions and revenue.

For driving more sales, make sure to offer these features in mobile apps,

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Interactive
  • Exclusive

Every mobile user expects only the simple and fast loading speed from mobile apps. Make sure to provide it to satisfy the overall customer experience. To attract customers to download your mobile apps, you can add features like notifications of discounts, payment options, and offers, etc. 

According to marketing land reports, 83% of customers prefer online shopping using smartphones instead of real stores.

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#3 Push Notifications are The Key

The major drawback with the website is that they can’t send push notification which is available for mobile apps. You can send promotional emails about offers or sales, but the website can’t directly engage with the audience. 

Whereas push notifications are instant direct as you can navigate customers easily in simple steps. This is the major reason that e-commerce should include mobile apps for their businesses.

All these promotional offers keep the audience engaging with your mobile apps. Which also makes shoppers download your app for exclusive deals.

As per the reports, 50% of mobile users like notifications, and 80% of users agree that it converts them into loyal customers. This initiates direct communication between customers and store owners through notification. 

Most people like such notifications with some interesting sale going on or specific news about seasonal offers.

#4 Personalized Content

With mobile apps, you can send personalized content to specific people based on their interests effectively. 

You can create personalized content including things like customers’ location, interests, social media profiles, shopping history, etc. which is useful for companies to find their customer’s needs significantly.

Using mobile apps, you can differentiate users according to their preferences and customer data. Mobile apps can track users’ behavior and send tailored content in real-time. 

As a result, it increases customer loyalty and customer outreach by creating brand awareness of your products or services. If you are being personal with your target customers, you are more likely to double sales. 

For example, the Amazon mobile app has reached 1,000,000 customers within the first two years of launch.

#5 Strong Analytics

Ensure to know your customer’s data, including their basic information such as, age, sex, location, shopping history to serve their demand better. Using mobile apps, you can set customer analytics based on various factors.

With user data, you can build your business strategy better and you can increase revenue by reaching more target audiences.

For example, list your customer with their Names, phone numbers, emails, shopping patterns, and various things in store. 

Also, Walmart’s app having 22 million customers uses mobile data, online data, and sales data for offering a better customer experience in online stores.

#6 Cost-effective and Productive 

Mobile apps not only help you to reach customers faster, but it also reduces the cost of marketing campaigns to a great extent.

Make sure to integrate your mobile app into social media integrations as it helps to spread the word of your brand awareness better. Also, you can run ads within your app which gives you some income. 

If you compare the cost of mobile app development with other web stores, it’s very cheap. 

For example, if your mobile app maintenance cost is 20%  and you have spent $10,000 per year. It helps you to boost your revenue up to 40% based on the analysis. 

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#7 Real-time Navigation

Mobile apps are better than other marketing opportunities including, Front and back cameras, QR codes, positioning systems for location, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a wide range of built-in features for commercial uses.

The top-notch advantage of m-commerce solutions is real-time customer navigation to stores nearby using location-based GPS.

Which helps customers to navigate your store easily. For instance, IKEA offers indoor navigation in the newest android/ IOS apps. Home Depot app with 40,000 items in every store.


Mobile apps are ruling the digital space, let it be Amazon or Instagram the reach for apps is phenomenal. Analysts predict that most of the online shoppers shop using a tablet device. Moreover, you can call it E-commerce apps, retail apps, or shopping apps, but the profit it delivers is exponential. 

Many business owners are updating to new technology each day, still, they are trying to provide the best shopping experience for their customers.

However, mobile apps are more convenient and provide an easy shoppers method for its users. 

So, make sure to invest in mobile apps for your business/company as it assures increasing your sales and net worth. If you’re looking for the best mobile app development services for your business, feel free to contact us! 

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