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11 Practices of m-commerce to Improve your CRO

Conversion rate optimization in mobile commerce or m-Commerce is a systematic process that leads to more number of users to take the desired action, like purchasing or form filling.

However, every M-Commerce business is different from one another, so this process includes an analysis of user behaviors or their needs.

While dealing with mobile users, it’s ideal to take up the mobile approach on the whole.

For high mobile-commerce conversion rates is possible by providing a consistent UX across different platforms, you can adjust the mobile restrictions to gain the total number of your users’ trust.

You can also simplify areas such as the checkout or forms, which can improve CRO, and shows up the increase in conversions instantly.

There are also other areas that need long-term experiments for better CRO.

In this blog, you can find the top 11 strategies from the experts of leading worldwide eCommerce mobile shopping.

1. Provide User Experience Consistently 

Make sure to provide a consistent user experience, it’s important to consider user acquisition right for the beginning such as when a user enters your online store or landing pages. 

However, most of the buyer Journey starts from social media advertising platforms. It’s high time for e-commerce business owners to provide user experiences like social media channels, such as Instagram or Facebook. 

Social media platforms offer extraordinary UX and responsive design for mobile users, so make sure to build a UX to leads in the M-Commerce marketplace.

If users find your online store lacking then, they may abandon their carts and exit. Whereas there still businesses, who use mobile-first social media campaigns and fail by directing users to poorly optimized websites.

2. Overall Speed Optimization 

Not only the beginning loading speed is important in M-Commerce, but it’s also essential to provide good loading throughout the entire experience.

It’s challenging that you have to consider external things in your selling platforms such as high website traffic, slow internet connections, or loss of internet connectivity while traveling, or low coverage.

For conversion rate optimization CRO, Progressive Web Apps can help e-commerce platforms with super-fast loading, even when the internet connection is slow.

Whereas, potential customers will download the app and they can browse hassle-free with no more wait instantly.

Using PWA, you can provide your site visitors a seamless experience with bad connectivity or even when there is high traffic and servers are down.

These apps allow you to browse, send, and receive data easily.

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3. Simplify Home Screen Content 

As we discussed earlier, navigation is important and you can easily direct customers to take action on the homepage.

Which is a great place and works better than hero slider on mobile.

We could see that top mobile eCommerce sites are redesigning this feature in their mobile commerce apps.

4. Make Use of Phone Features

Mobile phones are contrasted sometime in conversion rate optimization CRO, as they have few restrictions and at the same time, it offers great features to deliver a better user experience.

You can use smartphone features like Camera and GPS to help your customers find the products using all these tools.

You can also take advantage of your customer’s behavior while using mobile phones and take support from other tools like camera, measure, location.

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5. Optimize Product Listings for Mobile

This is an important factor to consider again, as we could view products in multiple columns along with product descriptions on websites.

Whereas using mobile, the product listings should be optimized for better navigation like the homepage.

The best way to optimize product or service listings on mobile is by using the single-column product pages.

For this, you can analyze new user behavior and optimize CRO accordingly.

However, there is no one solution available for product listings in specific industries.

So, you can customize according to your needs and encourage customers to experience seamless browsing.

6. Visual Search Options 

Another important step to provide seamless navigation is by introducing visual search options.

For instance, you can allow users to scan pictures of barcodes or QR codes to find the products from the catalog.

Whereas top companies also provide Artificial Intelligence as an API, which makes this process even easier now.

7. Make Use of Product Videos

Product videos are widely popular in online stores irrespective of the product’s nature.

Most of the e-commerce providers are already using this step, you can also experiment with it.

For mobile users, it’s not possible to click into every angle of the product’s image and view.

Instead, they can highly benefit from this 30seconds product Video.

Also, a mobile device is really helpful to showcase the video presentation, as customers can zoom in in detail and hear audio more conveniently.

Tip: It’s ideal to have videos on a desktop with a horizontal view, while the vertical video is the best for mobile optimization.

8. Localization is Essential 

Using Mobile commerce, you can take advantage of GPS to create your content more localized.

For your local customers to find your online store.

For this, you can offer discounts to specific locations and also optimize content according to their preferences.

Your app can turn into POS if you are aware of your customers using the app.

For example, if the customer wants to know the stock levels of a specific store, they can view using specific listings matching their needs.

9. Use pop-ups in Mobile 

Not only for increasing conversion rate optimization CRO but generally Pop-ups are the best option to market your products.

Whereas mobile commerce pop-ups are widely used by various businesses, as they can determine the success rate of businesses. 

But, if you’re using pop-ups in the wrong way, then Google can ask for penalties from mobile sites.

Also, it’s important to use it right, as it can also decrease your search engine ranking.

But well-designed pop-ups are the life savior of businesses, it can re-engage customers and increase conversions exponentially.

10. Use Bots & Chats to Reply to Customers 

When your customer has queries and suggestions, you have to answer according to their preferences. 

Using mobile commerce apps, you can make chats more effective than desktop, just like WhatsApp.

You can also use Bots and Chat options to navigate customers and answer their questions. 

Built-in configurations can direct customers to choose the right product with statistical significance and using chats you can understand your users’ needs and your website defects more prominently.

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11. Payment Request API

The Payment Request API can replace your checkout processes with a seamless mobile banking or payment method.

The API helps customers to store their information securely.

The user addresses and credit card or other payment details like Gpay or Apple pay will be directly accessed through the saved information.

Now, customers can make payments in just one tap saving all your user’s time. 

Google reports, payments are successfully completed 25% more using these autofill options, Also this Payment Request API can help businesses to collect payments easily.

Final Words 

Today we can clearly state that mobile experience is the main source of m-commerce businesses. As it can help to drive revenue across all the platforms. 

To increase conversion, we have to implement the right conversion rate optimization CRO strategies, which helps customers to discover your products. 

The ultimate goal of M-Commerce businesses is to develop ways that help the user to convert where he/she wants to convert.

We have expertise in CRO and provide the best Mcommerce solutions for our clients, feel free to contact us for all your product queries.

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