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Top 15 High Hanging Fruit of Social Media Marketing for Sale

Social media uplifts businesses with endless possibilities to market, get popular and keep their brand always engaging with the customers.

These social media platforms help brands and customers to interact, engage, and to take their business to the next level.

Most of the brands include social media marketing plans in their strategies, but still, many businesses struggle to work it out. There are many businesses out there looking for social media marketing tips.

However, social media marketing needs a proper set of plans before you execute, or create something.

Proper planning can give you the right direction to run your social media campaigns. This plan must include which social media platforms to use, how to use each platform and the business goals that you try to achieve.

Are you looking for social media marketing tips? Here are the top 15 tips on Social Media Marketing (SMM)  that can kick off powerful strategies to drive high results for your brand on popular social media sites.

1. Set goals

While you make a plan for social media marketing be sure to start with your goals. Marketing without business goals is not going to drive any results. 

You can have a single goal or multiple goals including brand awareness, lead generation, and increase brand recognition. 

For example, within one month you have to increase 100 potential customers using Google ads or Facebook ads and work on it.

2. Understand Target Audience

Who are you connecting through your social media marketing strategies? The answer to this question will set you to reach the target audience. 

Your target audience will help you to find the right content, the right platforms and your customer needs that you want to give them.

For example, if you want to target millennials, the latest high-speed drones using informal language and direct promotions will increase sales.


3. Be consistent

Ensure to create a strong social media presence that helps to drive results consistently.

You have to find the best time for publishing content on social media relevant to your target audience. 

However, potential customers and existing customers will connect with your brand if you post content attracting their attention regularly in popular social networking.

4. Be Relevant

When you are consistent with your social content marketing it will surely reach more customers and don’t share just for being consistent, but to gain more social media followers. 

When you know your target audience it’s easier to provide the most relevant type of content.

For example, if you are selling furniture, it’s ideal to share content related to interior decorating in the target market, but not fashion trends.

5. Create a social calendar

You must make sure that your social media pages are active, and then create your consistent social media marketing calendar. 

To create a social media marketing campaign calendar, fill all the gaps in your timeline, and engage with customers through a proper plan. 

You can create a week, or a monthly calendar to avoid creating a mess last time.

6. Use social media management tools

Social media management tools will give you a proper schedule to streamline your business and posts. 

These social media tools will automate your social media activity and help you to measure and analyze your social media campaigns accurately. 

It will also help you to publish your content across multiple social media platforms in a single dashboard.

7. Focus on visual marketing

Most of the people in today’s world browse for everything on social media platforms.

Use powerful visuals (photo and video or short videos) about your products and services that attract people’s attention significantly. 

This will boost up your social media interactions and more people will notice visuals than blog posts.

For example, Add informative videos about your products and services in between blog posts. You can also create attractive video content and post on your brand YouTube channels. 

8. Invest in paid social ads

If you are a small business owner or marketing manager, then set a small budget for your social media ads.

Social media platforms give the option to create organic visibility for brands using paid ads. 

Whereas promoting blog posts is less expensive when you compare it with Google AdWords, which is a great source for small businesses.

9. Build social communities

Social media platforms are all about communities and public forums that engage interested people in a specific industry, questions, feedback, and ideas. 

Creating relevant communities can help your business through what people talk, and share about your brand. 

If you think there are no such active communities for your specific industry, or then kickstart your own social media community. 

For example, build communities on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media channels.

10. A/B test your campaigns

A/B testing, which is called split testing, can help you to create multiple options for email and ads to send it to multiple groups just to make sure which is relevant for your audience on top social media sites.

For example, if you are using Twitter in your social media marketing strategies.

Test splitting with different hashtags and see which one gets more response such as #socialmediamarketing or #socialmediacampaigns

This will help you to find, compare, and open rate the hashtags that is more effective.

11. Interact and engage

Social media marketing helps you to create brand awareness and works as a channel for communication between your customers. 

You can start interacting with your existing customers, potential customers, and follow all their comments, like, follow, and respond to the user base in time which builds trust in your brand for customers.

12. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is the best among all other social media marketing techniques to boost your brand awareness. 

Collaborate with the best influencer for your brand to reach high visibility, relevant audience and this provides you the content to use across multiple digital marketing channels.


13. Optimize for social media

You know that optimizing websites with the right SEO strategies will get you to rank your site in search engine ranking, the same works for increasing ranking higher of social media posts in social media platforms. 

Social platforms have search options that help users to find your business with relevant keywords and hashtags.

14. Balance promotion and entertainment

The key is to balance promotion and entertainment in social media marketing strategies, to achieve your goals make sure to balance it. 

For instance, if your social media marketing goal is to increase your brand awareness, your ultimate goal must be driving conversions and sales in social media networks. 

When you are creating a social calendar, you can give a specific date for promotional content. I recommend you create one promotional post out of five entertaining, or informational posts this will help you to drive sales. 

Don’t post too many promotional contents, since it will make your customers leave your site.


15. Get creative

Creativity is the King of social media marketing. To retain back the interest of your social audience, you must continuously post new ideas and creative things to hook up with customers. 

You can try different varieties of content like gamification, surveys, and voting polls to boost customer interaction, and keep your audience engaging with relevant content.

Bottom Line 

I hope all these social media marketing tips will surely help you to achieve your business goals and increase your brand’s online presence. 

If your marketing plan doesn’t include social media marketing then make sure to start implementing a new one and analyze your growth in Social Signals.

Customers in this digital world are using social media platforms for almost everything including entertainment, communication, information sharing, updates, finding new brands and shopping. Make sure to create social media content for all your customer needs and reach out to more customers today. 

If you’re still confused about implementing social media marketing strategies in your business, contact Zuan Technologies today for all your marketing and digital brand endorsement needs.


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