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9 Trends of MCommerce to Boost Ecommerce Apps

Mobile technology has changed the way we live. Nowadays, we can’t see humans without smartphones in their hands.

As a result of the increase in mobile phone users, we can see mobile commerce trends evolving every day.

  • By 2021, reports say 54% of e-commerce revenue will be made using mobile devices. 

However, most of the websites and online stores are adapting mobile-responsive, access via mobile devices.

But these statistics don’t prove to you that businesses are mobile-ready, still 12% of customers only agree mobile shopping is easy.

MCommerce will rise frictionless and makes shopping even more creative in 2021.

That’s because customers expect seamless and better mobile experience.

Moreover, MCommerce brands follow several trends to combat the growth in this mobile space. We have listed the top 9 mobile commerce trends that will rule in 2021.


#1. Effective Personalization


As mobile users are convenient with a personalized experience, they will get similar experience via your e-commerce apps.

  • Research by Accenture reports that 43% of customers prefer companies that provide personalized mobile experiences. 

Therefore, ecommerce mobile apps must provide effective personalization in mobile commerce strategy to offer a better customer experience. 

This personalization includes product offers, promotions, discounts and etc.

E-commerce retailers can start by analyzing demographics, past searches, kind of mobile devices customers use, and also you will find personal information.

By providing Personalized experiences, you are more likely to rise customer satisfaction, boost conversions, and consumer loyalty.


#2. Customer Support


Most of the e-commerce stores offer chatbots, voice search or online automated customer support services.

  • A recent study shows 85% of all customer service interactions are handled without humans. 

Every e-commerce small business should include this mCommerce strategy in 2021 to offer better customer support.

This automated customer support is beneficial for mobile users, make sure to provide fast and reliable support. Now, chatbots have become integral m-commerce Trends in 2021.

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#3. Cryptocurrency

Most of the e-commerce business owners are not aware of Cryptocurrency. But many customers and brands have come forward to know about this trend.

By 2021, cryptocurrencies will dominate online conversations and debates. Multiple cryptocurrency options are accepted by online or offline businesses today. 

E-commerce stores should offer payment options like Bitcoin for mobile shoppers. This helps them to complete online transactions fast, and attract new customers.


#4. Augmented Reality

A few years back, AR was a futuristic thing, but today many brands have adapted AR to attract consumers, and it has become a part of their mCommerce and mobile marketing strategy. E-commerce apps can display their products in familiar locations for customers. 

AR apps allow customers to virtually test the products, like how they look, work, and basic functionality, etc.

It’s the best eCommerce Trends for mobile devices, make use of this opportunity to uplift your e-commerce businesses.

For example, IKEA offers AR and VR technology for its online shoppers


#5. Omni-Channel Support

  • Harvard Business studies revealed that 7% of fourty five thousand buyers were online-only shoppers.

While 73% of buyers use multiple channels. The Omni-channel mobile commerce experience is one of the most needed choices for increasing revenue by 2021.

Modern shoppers expect seamless shopping experiences regarding time, location, or reasons for shopping.

  • As data shows,  89% of user retention is strongly experienced by e-commerce using Omni-channel customer engagement. 

The omnichannel experience is a great option to provide a seamless user experience across multiple devices such as smartphones, PC and laptops, etc.

Ensure your e-commerce app is optimized for all devices and platforms.

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#6. Easy Checkout


The seamless checkout process can increase your sales and revenue.

You can reduce the cart abandonment rate by providing an easy checkout process in your e-commerce apps.

The reason is online shoppers don’t have more time and users will lose interest in the multiple-step checkout process.

To deal with such cases, you can offer a simple, and safe checkout process (one-click checkout process) in your e-commerce store. 

The easy checkout process not only reduces your shopping cart abandonment rates but also increases your e-commerce sales conversions. 


#7. Proximity Marketing


Proximity marketing is applicable to physical stores, which helps to target customers who are within your store radius.

Beacons are small devices that help to pass signals through mobile phone’s Bluetooth and target nearby customers to download your mobile app. 

These mobile notifications can encourage customers to visit your physical or online store.

For e-commerce businesses, this notification helps to offer discounts, in-store coupon codes, and drive more potential customers to physical stores which increases their sales.


#8. Optimized Loading Speed 

Mobile users expect instant page loading, from their first step in your online store.

If your e-commerce store lacks fast loading speed, customers will slowly shift to other sites. In order to avoid that, make sure to provide fast loading sites and increase customer satisfaction rates, reduce bounce rates, and boost your sales. 

Optimize the speed of your site and make sure to build your site mobile-first.

This helps your e-commerce store to offer a better user experience for your mobile shoppers using Mcommerce.


#9. Shoppable Posts

In 2017, Instagram launched Shoppable Posts, which helped companies to sell their products and customers to buy from them. 

Using social media mobile applications like Instagram, e-commerce retail sales can promote their products to customers easily.

Whereas Instagram is available in more than 46 countries. Make sure to include these shoppable tags in your mCommerce strategy in 2021.  

Google, also offers shoppable tags in Google Ads, which helps e-commerce businesses to get traffic, so make sure to optimize your online store too.


Bottom Line 

MCommerce plays a vital role in e-commerce 2021, ensuring to optimize your online store with a better shopping experience.

All these mcommerce strategies help to gain more potential customers in real-time.

However, security and user experience will be much priority for e-commerce retailers, so implement these strategies to your online store and witness better user engagement, traffic, customer conversions, and loyalty.

Ensure your mCommerce strategy can offer an Omni-channel experience, if you are looking for a Mcommerce solution then feel free to contact our expert app developers today

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