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Why are notable digital marketing strategies important?

Many companies have turned to digital marketing to reach new clients and their existing potential customers. The notable digital marketing strategies are helpful for companies to promote the right products or services to the target audience at the right time.

So all of you know the importance of notable digital marketing strategies and figuring out how to use this as a tool to achieve your goals.

This article is for you, here we will discuss the Top 5 notable digital marketing strategies for every business or company.


1. Search engine optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization is a widely used and popular digital marketing strategy for companies.


Why use SEO as a digital marketing strategy?

The role of SEO is always mind-blowing as a part of a digital marketing strategy, it helps to reach your target audience irrespective of their stages in the buying funnel.

Most of the internet users search for a new product or services in the search engine.

For example, 80% of customers do product research online. Nearly half of the users are able to find new products on the Internet.

For every business, SEO is a must-have digital marketing strategy that could help your business to grow exponentially.

Here is how SEO is a powerful Internet marketing strategy for businesses, as follows:

  • 10% of searchers only move to the second page of their search results.

The searchers on Google often find their related searches on the first page of search results itself. So can you relate how important is SEO to reach the target audience by ranking on the first page of a search engine? It has an innumerable number of benefits for your business by using the SEO strategy.

  • 30% of the whole users click on the first search results.

As most of the users reach out to businesses or companies in first page listings itself, you can clearly know the purpose of ranking.

You may have the relevant resources for the customers who are searching on the internet, but the sad truth is you get hidden from their eyes because of web page rankings.

At Zuan Technologies, we attract more potential customers and revenue for business with an effective SEO strategy. SEO services are a part of online marketing in this digital era.

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2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a cost-effective online marketing strategy and also most powerful among all others.


Why use PPC as a digital marketing strategy?

PPC is an effective paid advertising method used by many companies, to boost their sales quickly.

PPC helps to get your website in the top search results and also helps in ranking your site organic search results in other pages.


Why is PPC important in your digital marketing campaigns?

  • Every business earns INR 587 by spending INR 73 on Google Ads

Google receives 60,000 searches in one second and two trillion searches per year, so it’s ideal to run PPC campaigns on these platforms.

Many companies invest their marketing budgets in Google Ads, which gives better ROI results.

If you wish to advertise on other platforms, then you get INR 146 for every INR 73 invested.

  • 50% of users tend to buy the products, once they click on the Ads.

The PPC ads target keywords to users with the transactional intent to make them purchase the product or service.

In this m Internet marketing strategy, PPC is a critical component.

For example, If your company is ranking the first pages of search results with high-value keywords, PPC helps in conversions more than that.

The PPC and SEO work to achieve digital marketing goals of business often together.

Build a results-driven marketing campaign for your business with us, we have driven revenue for many clients. Contact us to build the best digital marketing strategy.


3. Content marketing


Content marketing is something that’s getting trending these days in companies’ online marketing strategy.

The content marketing strategies can help to double the website conversion rates by reaching more audience.

This strategy is cost-effective, which costs 62% less when compared to traditional marketing.


Why do companies need content marketing in the digital marketing campaign strategy?

  • It generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing.

Content marketing helps to generate more ROI, this includes an increase in new clients and conversion rates.

Content marketing helps to achieve your goal by targeting each and every stage of the buying funnel.

  • More than 60% of users prefer companies that create content

In today’s online marketing world, users ignore messages from companies.

For example, promotional or informational messages.

But content marketing attracts many new clients and they trust companies who deliver quality content. The users also respond to informational content.


Want to use content marketing in digital marketing strategies?

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4. Email marketing


Email marketing is again the best cost-effective online marketing strategy that one must follow.


Why is email marketing essential?

The benefits of email marketing are leveraging every day and 80% of the companies use it from manufacturing operations to retail stores.

Email marketing in your digital strategy benefits as follows:

  • Features an average ROI of INR3233 for every INR73 invested

Email marketing offers an impressive ROI that gives unmatched returns from the investment.

This potential marketing strategy helps to increase revenue, brand awareness, and client retention rates.

More than 60% of users like emails like weekly promotional emails.

  • Creates 50% more sales than other lead generation methods

If you are looking to generate more leads, and revenue for your businesses then email marketing is your king in the online marketing strategy.

More email marketing tips for business is audience segmentation, email design, and personalization to maximize the benefits.

For example, smart segmentation increases revenues by up to 760 percent.

Looking to use email marketing strategies?

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5. Social media marketing


Last but not the least, the best Internet marketing strategy to grow businesses is social media marketing.


Why use a social media marketing strategy?

You can invest in social media marketing strategies because only 30% of companies are using it, so there is a great opportunity for you.

Moreover, more than 25% of Internet users spent time on social media, so you can connect easily with users.

The benefits of social media marketing as follows:

  • More than 65% of consumers use social media for customer services

Users share contents with family and friends on social media more than all other platforms.

They also collaborate with companies, this gives positive shopping experience and the company’s assistance for their requests.

If you’re not using social media, then you are losing more revenue with limited options in your business.

If your clients are not convenient with your business then it leads to low client retention, which has the power to reduce your revenues.

That is why social media presence is essential for every business.

  • More than 70% of shoppers use social media when making purchase decisions

Irrespective of your company size, word-of-mouth recommendation is essential to sustain in this competitive world.

Social media serves as word-of-mouth recommendations that go digital. If your business is inactive on social media, you are excluding these conversations.

For example, you can inactive pages on Facebook with zero reviews and less than stellar comments from your past customers. This will drastically reduce the trust in your brand.

With the right social media marketing strategies, you can change the perspective of customers.

Our in-depth social media marketing strategy helps to achieve the results you want. Discover your potential customers on social media with us.

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Bottom Line


Digital marketing is the most powerful way to reach new customers and boost your business revenue.

Plus, digital marketing offers many strategies, from email to social, to reach unique business goals.

If you’re a startup and want to increase sales, revenue, awareness, or loyalty, digital marketing is your savior.

The ultimate success of your digital marketing strategies is based on development and execution.

Partner with Zuan Technologies, we help the business to drive results with digital marketing strategies.

Build your personalized strategies with an expert team of strategists today!

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